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  • The 2014 Wine Country Century was a great success thanks to the efforts of a hard working, dedicated organizing committee and the 450+ wonderful volunteers who made it all happen!! We had a grand time, We hope you did too.

    The 2015 Wine Country Century will be held on on Saturday, May 2
    Registration will open in February 1st 2015.

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  Rider's Comments:

  • Dear SRCC:
    Just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for sponsoring/conducting such a wonderful event, the WCC. It was a great day filled with lots of excitement, remarkable organization, and wonderful volunteers. You should all be very proud!
    Best,  A.L. (A big WCC fan!)

  • This was my first time do the Wine Country 100K. I had a friend come in from Denver, Co to ride with me. We both had a fantastic time. Perfect day. Everything was so well organized from parking in the morning, check-in, awesome rest stops, the food was fantastic, friendly volunteers, well marked route, beautiful scenery, and the bbq at the finish!! Was definitely worth getting up at 12am to register!! Can't wait until next year.
    Thank you to everyone involved!! AWESOME EVENT!!
    K.B. (Livermore,CA)

  • I've completed the 60k annually for a number of years and just thought I'd send a note to say thank you. The ride is so very well supported and well run and its always a pleasure to participate in it. This year was no different.
    Best, SD, Greenbrae, CA

  •  Great Job!
    I wanted to thank the SRCC for putting on such a great ride. The scenery was amazing, the ride had enough challenges and the support was amazing. My team of 20 is already looking forward to next years!
    Thanks!  GT, Redondo Beach

  • Outstanding Event
    Love the support - people, food, and all the volunteers in the registration tents, Rest Areas to the finish area! Can hardly wait for next year! TEAM ClubSport!

  • Wine Country Century 200K   
    I had a blast riding the 200k. It was a beautiful route and very well organized. The volunteers were fantastic! I would definitely recommend this event as well as do it again. The only minor feedback that I have is about the elevation gain for the 200K. I believe the website mentioned that the elevation gain was between 4500 to 6000 feet. However my Garmin had me at 8000 feet of elevation gain. I am only mentioning this so future riders can train accordingly for this event.

  • Hello Santa Rosa Cycling Club!
    I wanted to thank you for once again putting on such a fantastic event!  The route was well-marked, the lunch was excellent, I appreciated the gluten free options at every stop, a great post-ride meal, and such friendly crew people.  And of course, getting to ride the Sonoma County roads is such a gift!
    I wanted to bring one thing to your attention.  At the last rest stop, the (delightful!) crew was cutting the tops off strawberries, shoving a peanut M&M inside them, and then covering the top with Nutella.  Of course it sounds like a great snack -- and I have no interest in depriving people of their peanut M&M's, but given that peanut allergies are very serious and deadly, hiding the peanut M&Ms where people who might be allergic would have no way of knowing they are there is incredibly dangerous.  I was lucky in that I bit into part of the strawberry and didn't just eat the whole thing at once, so I discovered the M&M before I ate it.  I wanted to bring this to your attention so that in the future, people can be aware of it.  Even just letting riders know there's a peanut in there would be helpful.
    Thanks again for a fantastic day!

  • Road Makings :-(
    We had quite a few people from our group make wrong turns and got lost or got on the double metric course. Had this problem last year as well. Other than that, this is ALWAYS a great ride!
    Thanks again

  • Your group puts on a fantastic ride!  We lunched with riders who have done many more rides than we have and they think it is “the best supported ride ever”!
    We are so glad we decided to fly in from Ohio to do the ride! MH Ohio.

  • This was my first century! Everyone at SRCC really set the bar high for century’s to come. Everything was almost perfect. The support was top ten. The rest stops kept the spirits alive and uplifted. I had been looking forward to this day for a very long time and I was not let down. The only issue I had was by the end of the ride, I really wanted that beer. But there was nothing left. But, on the flip side this is also incentive to train harder and ride faster.  Thank you everyone at SRCC for an amazing event!
    Looking forward to doing it again next year.

    Wine Country Century 
    What a great event! The course is beautiful in spite of some really terrible roads and the support was fantastic.
    I'm sure you have been alerted that a few turns weren't marked but we had our maps and didn't really get lost.
    We had a wonderful day - thanks so much for a great event!

  • You are the greatest  
    Your club puts on a great event, with smiling faces, over-the-top rest stops and foods, and a general feel-good atmosphere! It really shows how well-organized you are, and it makes us feel welcomed! Thanks a million- looking forward to next year!
    Nancy O.

  • The Wine Country Century was great! We all had a great time.
    I was not able to pick up my clothes drop off bag from the Sonoma Lake rest stop.
    Truck was running late and we couldn't wait.
    Can you mail it to me? Thank you
    See you next year.  KC.

  • great job  
    Fantastic ride this year. I liked the course marshals on bikes this year and the hand sanitizer stations at the rest stops. Food was great as usual. I look forward to this event every year. JO.

  • What a great ride you folks put on! Just AWESOME...The lunch break was a veritable buffet!

    I want to give a shout out to the bike mechanic from Healdsburg Spoke Folk Cyclery.....we rode a brand new Calfee tandem and after about 20 miles in, the Belt Drive began to slip due to the BB that had loosened. Without you there to resolve the problem, we would have never made it up Chalk Hill....Thank you so much for providing mechanical support and thank you Matt!

  • I just wanted to say thank you! My husband and I were treated well during our 7 hrs 56 min on the saddle plus an additional 35 min. at the rest stops. The people, scenery, food, support, weather – everything was spectacular. We’ll be back for more centuries in your neck-of-the-woods.
    Thank you, MM, Newark.

  • Unfortunately, I had a crash while descending Canyon Rd. to Rte. 101 toward Geyserville right after the lunch stop. The accident was not due to rider error - just an unfortunate meeting with a slight ripple in the road (not a pothole). I have to tell you how great your volunteers and support were. Lucky for me, an emergency room doctor "Mark" (wearing a bib with "Velo Med", I think) stopped to help. He was wonderful. He asked all of the right questions and told the SAG driver, Pat (very nice), I needed to be taken to the finish ASAP. Upon arrival, the EMT crew took care of me and transported me to Sutter Hospital (too bad the new hospital wasn't open yet!). Everyone was great. As for me, I suffered a fractured left clavicle and a lot of bruising and road rash on my left side. I did not black out or hit my head. My bike wasn't very lucky: it is in need of some repair. I won't be riding my bike for 6-12 weeks. And, I wasn't able to run a 5K race the next day or do a triathlon on Mother's Day. Oh well. It could have been a lot worse.
    This is the third time I have participated in your century; and, I have been on that course many times, including during the Vineman 70.3 Half Ironman last summer. Hopefully, I will be able to do the Vineman Half Aquabike at the end of this coming July. Just wanted you to know your event is one of the best in the area. Kudos to you, your staff and volunteers. I'm upset I didn't get to go to the barbeque or get my Diet Coke! Next year, I hope. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much! . B B-T.

  • just wanted to say thanks for another great ride!
    also to say that you did a great job with the sandwiches at the lunch stop this year..... already prepared, and on that nice thin bread!.  AH

  • This year's ride was the best E.V.E.R!!
    I have done the Wine Country Century for several years; in the pouring rain and extreme heat, but this year everything was fabulous! Great weather, wonderful support/sag, awesome after-party - thank you for the delicious gluten-free options!
    Looking forward to next year~ EE

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